pSyche "Don't listen to her! she's the devil! Beelzebub incarnate! See! that's why she's wearing RED!"
i chuckled as he shook his head and turned his attention back to the machine.
The sullen emo_child dressed in black with a white belt sitting next to me mutters something.
"what's that?" I ask.
"The Devil actually wears black." he informs me.
"Oh, well.. I wouldn't know." I turn my attention back to my friend, and try to sort out whether I should be laughing, or asking him how he knows this tidbit of info.

After all, someone who sees Satan on a regular basis could be a useful friend.
venerable monster Ba'alzebul, the lord of the flies 070719
up yours ! if there is a business in front of yours Burn it down, it might give you more chance !

oh, turn and face the strain boy ! Lies won' help you.

give me extra, cos i need to spend my Dads oil money and i'm not techi or a thick book.

Quark Express my arse, oh we must learn Typography if we are to communicate and compete against crap brand to crap brand.

Banana! teaching me f11 is enough for one day.
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