Sparticus so tired. just want to be done and over

happy and secure, safe and settled.

i dont care about the process anymore. im tired of "preparing," i just want to fucking get out there and do it already.

san diego, i love you, but go to hell because i dont want you

yearn for fields of green grass hemmed with picket fences and willow trees

and maybe a pond with a waterfall
Ryakoth Fences, watching clean up crews work, talking to people who can't argue, hearing about the news, boredom 100114
Jurisprudence My love.
You are to me as a beautiful waxen fruit in the hands of the starving.
Somewhere gawds are laughing at me again.
That you are in reality animate, occasionally understandable and believable, that's a thriller for sure.
In_Bloom Wondering if I'll ever experience again the joys of spending days locked behind doors making a banquet of love rather than it being treated as a hasty chore. I miss feeling desired and experienced rather than an itch to be scratched. 100408
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