Persona I'm sorry.. so sorry

You aren't unwanted.
My belly hasn't begun to swell and all ready I love you. I'm enamoured with the stirrings of your life I feel inside. When you're gone I know how empty I'm going to feel. I want so bad to keep you safe and warm right where you are. I've cried so much for you, my child, because you'll never meet your mom and dad. I tell you and I tell myself that I can't support a child, that the time isn't good enough for the life I want to provide for my baby. You deserve to have a mother and father together in your life and you deserve a stable and happy home. I'm so sorry I can't give that to you and I'm even sorrier that you'll never be because of it. Know that I love you and know that I'll always think of you.. for the rest of my life I'll be thinking of the steps you would have taken and of how many extra smiles you would have provided me. Know that I'll feel you missing from me each year on your would-have-been birthday.
I love you, my baby, and I'm so sorry.
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