For sure! the sound a head makes when it hits the carpet. 000712
lasthought landing on your back, can't breath 020603
penultimate thought these cyanide pills are delicious! 020917
love & hate Take a breath,
feel the air exhale,
as more weight gets put
on your shoulders.
Its weighing you down,
pulling you further
into the deep, dark abyss,
thats threatening you from below.
Scream out loud,
but no voice escapes,
as the mirror in your heart,
shatters to pieces.
Watch as it falls,
tearing you to shreds,
as each shard
passes through your body.
Excruciating pain,
while you yearn for release.
Trapt in this shadow,
which consumes you,
every second,
bringing you closer to the edge.
Holding on for dear life,
as it all slips away.
Falling into the abyss,
which threatens below.
Cannot hold on,
my fingers are slipping,
while i watch the world go by
and hope for a soft landing.
Take a breath,
inhaling the stench
of the demon who devours.
Screaming in terror,
while the silence is penetrating.
Feeling for a hand,
to stop you from slipping,
but it has pulled away.
Watches from a distance,
as you're devoured,
by the demons in your mind,
living in the abyss.
While you are falling downwards,
hands reaching out,
throughout the darkness,
for something which is not there.
what's it to you?
who go