oon (farky) aspects of not being able to breathe

aithout beans, there is no sky.

laser_beans even
misstree woke up from a nap last night to a hand being gently placed over my mouth and nose. pinching off. breath halted. with knowledge of the hand came knowledge that it was the playmate. no instinct to struggle ever came to mind, not even to note its uselessness. his hand there was fond fact, and no cause for worry. i shifted just a bit to get a last bit of air and let him know i was no longer asleep. kept my eyes closed. his hand followed my movement and again sealed me off. i kept myself aware but limp, mentally and physically. muscles shifted languidly as bleedthrough of the need for air. after a small time, my system was getting desperate; i kept it waiting as i could. moments of waking such as this are to be savored, rare treats. finally, as lungs were starting to really get angry, his hand lifted, and soft lips brushed mine in greeting. his eyes gleamed into mine. the parts of me that were fully awake (awakened) grinned back. 040205
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