me ... cold and waiting for you to release me. you're such a long way away. and my patience. is at breaking. point 001217
Kate Fletcher it is your face when I have done something wrong. You don't show emotion, you just stare off into space. I want to scream at you, hit you, hate you, but I can't because you haven't given me a reason to. 010329
paste! you rock my world, mr. pebble 010430
Alexander Beetle skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip skip sploosh 010501
bob stepping 021129
shadowfalls I remember
in first grade
when we made stone soup
and I brought
the onion.
RegentLion monolith, monolith, monolith 040329
ethereal 040413
rjinswand stares back no matter what
scars forever doesn't care
cuts the hand at tripsthe foot
rests the head of the gone
pansy you tolerate my presence
should i thank you
or just slap you on your face?
[yeah, that would feel good]
but what is the piont
you cannot soften the stone
you can only break it
or leave it alone
so be as you are
and i will care less
i will move on
what's it to you?
who go