dondeestanlosjaguares why is it that it could never work out?
why are things "meant to be"
but they never follow through

i asked myself as i looked into a picture
staring into those beautiful eyes
of a dazzling blue

we joined the group of so many
losing all we had fought for
because this wasn't what you wanted to do

just a statistic
like so many others
falling into the world
our relationship fades
our hearts now ignore
what they know
could have been more

why is it that love can't triumph
in the world we live in
it simply can't survive

because i thought our love to be the strongest
and it could not handle the weight
it was simply torn from our lives

now there is no future for it
because there exists no life within
and all is lost in your eyes

don't look this way
the hope you tortured
has become like
the love you've abandoned
lifeless and forsaken
another statistic
to what this world has taken
nothing more than a ghost
what's it to you?
who go