jennifer I was her toy
for a few months
she used to call me
(in korean)
"kind beautiful woman"
and I can still write it
I still remember it
I took her to the pride prom
(this was back in the days
of my raging lesbianinity)
and she brought her straight
girl friend
and we just ended up
smoking outside
and going to new realities
she was bi
I guess
really left a bad taste in
my mouth
why I hated bi girls for a while
in the costume closet
talking about how she
"wants to get into the
girl world for a while again"
how mike was her first boyfriend
and she loved him
and she kissed me
so it's not really true that
I have never been kissed
and I see her
every so often
and she runs and hugs me
and won't let go
but I think
deep down
I still have a crush on her
but that's all it is
and all it ever was

a crush
what's it to you?
who go