like rain. my parents hate my sexual orientation and general behavior. my girlfriend is in the process of breaking up with me. my friends either don't give a fuck or don't know what to say.

and one night i lost it.

so i turned someone from the past which turned out to be just flamingly grand... my old teacher told the guidance counselor who told my parents who told my therapist that she was worried about me. and then my mother delivered the postscript: to leave her the fuck alone.

if my therapist tells me to reach for the phone instead of the knife one more time, i'm going to... ugh.

the way the evening light dances about the corners of my shoes as my feet shuffle me home and my gaze follows the sidewalk tells me that i am utterly alone.
and all around the night sang out and after all, isn't that the recurring theme of the song

(the one we all find ourselves singing sometime)
distorted tendencies I hear he retired too. 020715
thea likerain, i hope you're okay. d'you mean you're like rain or you like rain? i like rain. when i was at cty and i saw all these people dancing in the rain i knew i was home.
i think if anyone is a homophobe and doesn't like rain, then they're hypocritical. if you're going to be all "god told me not to like you" then you'd better fucking like what god made for you.
australian highrise you know... I... just hope you go fall into a ravine. 070626
kuffsleeve it's either that or sort out my crapping bills 070626
if if i go insane please don't put your wires in my brain......... 070626
what's it to you?
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