transatlantic Saint's name.

Angel's voice.

Devil inside.
moondance Oh Yeah.

DAAS & GNW too.
sabbie made flesh. So what? Man made plastic. It's durable, comes in a variety of colours and it lasts a lifetime. When was the last time flesh ever did that?

We're coming to the end of the century, you know, what have we learned? Two things. Two things we can say without a doubt: God is dead, and Elvis is alive.

We have no big gods anymore, we've got lots of little gods. A Little God for this, a Little God for that. We're going back to a pagan belief system. The Little God of the Parking Space. 'Holy Mary, full of grace, let there be a parking space. St Christopher and St Peter, help me find the fucked up meter.'

And as we drive home at night we pray to the Radio God to put on our favourite song. And yes, occasionally the Radio God does play, What About Me? And we pray to the God of Lust, or we pray to the God of Cancer, or we pray to the God of Mastercard to forgive our transactions.

( for it all )
sabbie damn. god. god made flesh...

.:shakes head:. damndamnda
Transatlantic MOSH!!!
We like mosh

Shame it never got to edinburough actually :)

"Paul's the one you screw. Tim's the one you think of when your screwing Paul, and Richard's the one you end up marrying."
blown cherry ooohh, so not true for me!
As a young lass I used to have the most devious little fantasies about Richard. Mmmmmmmm.
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