squint declarative_pajamas, humidity as some sort of expressive statement, been there done that, I'll tell you how warm it is between the chair and my back and you'll make some sort of face I won't see, she says hell don't know my fury out of plastic earphones and I sorta groove on that as if I used the word groove outside of the phrase "ass_groove" and when i do
nothing i do
dont do
no thing
thing do no don't

one more time. plethora_of_palm_pilots
fiona apple no thing i do don't do no thing but bring me more to do
it's true, i do imbue my blue unto myself
i make it bitter
squint (baby lay your head on my lap one more time...tell me you belong to me...)

just in case....

i didn't mean to continue the lyrics on that last line, i was just playing with the words.


"tell me that its all gonna be alright...

i beleive that it _ isn't."
girl_jane The other morning I was driving to school. The sun was rising, but I couldn't see it, just its light behind the clouds. And it looked like the sky was a frozen lake with some sort of candle beneath the surface. I liked it. 021024
whitechocolatewalrus oh icecube sky,
please don't melt on me.
whitechocolatewalrus i wish i were stuck to you
like the icecubes
in my glass
stick to
what's it to you?
who go