Arwyn your words remain
your spirit lingers
but that is all you leave.
I sit here waiting
I sit here reading
all these new blathers -
oh christ.. I'm heaving
Where have the intellectuals gone?
Why won't they write something good?
That's it. I'm done.
To the blather gods committed.
I can't just wait for their return.
And maybe someday, someone will mourn me.
But this blathe will be omitted.
Lila Pause Oh for the day when electric lighting did not exist and the wheel had not yet been invented...*SIGH* 040814
pipedream *wanders about in long traily white gown, reciting ophelia's lines* 040815
god i just mostly read. not that i was hot shit or nuthin' but i used to spiel on here a lot 040815
jane come back & save us 050214
flowerock. .

Seemed relevant.

My words are pretty selfish and dull compared to some of the true art that I see here... but blather_on I will... maybe some day I'll write something more interesting, maybe I already have.
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