anchor baby how I long to grace your side with my smile
and casually place my hand in yours
but the miles between us grow and stretch like amber
but in my mind
you are still sitting in front of me
and we briefy catch each other's eyes
and grin
startfires i think i will live in kansas city forever.

unless i move to costa rica.

i love kansas city.
startfires see el torreon 001010
startfires crrrk 001010
silentbob Misery. 001010
unique butterfly i'm moving to missouri.
psycho babe missouri, that does sux erin, but hey at least you have blather, and me and everyone else, and when I get my car, I'm comeing there and getting you and takeing you and sarah to go to the psycho museum and get some coffeee!!!!!
Sarah likes there coffee so dont freat, cuz you will have coffee!
atlbch Chris H. is from missouri...I had such a crush on him but unfortunately we lived on separate coasts. I heard he went to med school in cali. We were in the same place at the same time ten years later. Fate is a funny thing I guess. He was such a hottie. 010508
cherise whenever i listen to camera obscura i think about missouri 040628
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