Whitechocolatewalrus Missing like searching
Searching a deep, dark abyss
No end to be seen
Miss, miss and miss to missing
No end to be known
Search, search and search to searching
No end ever is
More and more and more is less
Than ever we knew before

Night and day I look
All around the horizon
Clouds and stars removed
The moon sets, the sun rises
Endless desire
Wishing for you to appear
In presence and mind
No realization yet
Hope fading, it disappears

Everything must fade
Forgetting not to notice
Donít want to notice
Noticing nothing at all
Reflect on the past
For the past means nothing now
Nothing and nothing
And nothing is something
And something is everything

Oh how I miss you
I suppose you had to go
Remember me please
When you have nothing to do
Dissolve my disappointment

Thinking needs to stop
Stop every remaining thought
Smile at the sun
Rejoice in its warming rays
Stop every remaining thought
what's it to you?
who go