andru235 marine or marionette?

strong and independent? or secretly submissive?

what happens when a marine washes up? does a marine need a drogue to remain continental?

do you like my hair like this?

i had a big crush on a marine for many years; he would flirt with me like no one else has ever flirted with me. however, he did it to others too...and he probably wasn't really 'batting for my team'. but he liked to hang out with me, one on one, and when we did, the flirting went through the roof, along with my lustration. i liked him. then he became a complete prick one night, and amidst a field of red flags, i departed, and have not spoken to him since. but i saw him years later, working at a restaurant my friends and i frequented; it was strangely awkward - the same awkwardness of two former lovers meeting for the first time! interestingly, when i met him, he had a crush on this girl who wouldn't 'put out' and he constantly assailed her as being a tease, and after their non-breakup, he began to tease me. vicious cycle? but i liked it, at least, at first. i wonder where he is now...? best not think about it too much.
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