jane flashes: waiting at the station, the little stray kittens running around everywhere, that picture of the teeny black one in my lap. we ate rice with something brown on top of it (i think it was some kind of fish). bus ride through palm trees, dirt roads. the ferry boat off the east coast, to the small island pulau tioman. they filmed south pacific there. the water was clear, and my shoulder got sunburnt, and it made a drastic color dichotomy next to my bleached blond hair and pale clothing. we took the path into the jungle and passed a native carring a long log on his shoulder. he smiled a three-tooth smile at us, and we kept hiking and we found the river. we found a shanty town, i guess its called, i don't know what they called it. there were about six shacks in a row, three on either side of the road. the few clothes they had were hung over a string tied between the shacks. i wondered if that's where all of the clothing i had donated as a child went. night came, and the humidity stayed, and we drank watermelon juice and looked at the water, even clearer blue in the night, the moonlight. i wanted desperately to write a letter, to take pictures. but i didn't have a camera, and there was no post office. there were small boats to take us to bigger boats, to take us to buses to take us to planes to take us home. 050225
phil And at night? 050302
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KUALA LUMPUR : National carrier Malaysia Airlines will launch more flights to

and India to enhance bilateral trade,
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