rubydee hands assunder
ratcheting buttons
squalmous zippers
silentbob i love it. 030624
splinken pelvic bones crash into my thighs. yow. 030624
celestias shadow you weren't even drunk, were you? 030629
ItGirl In the beckseat... how prosaic... but it was our first time int he back seat, so maybe that count for something?

God your hands climbing under my shirt... your tonque too rough on my nipples... and your cock digging into my crotch... you were so hard and i was so wet... grinding against me till i ached with wanting you... oh god yes... i LUST for you
Syrope i miss lustful_groping
these days theres not much pure lust involved cuz we KNOW we're gonna get to have sex...

i'll have to see what i can do about that
jane i can't believe i convinced you to go to the drive-ins and you actually wanted to watch phone booth 030708
rubydee hurry_up 030710
rubydes again
with the wandering hands
behind me suddenly fingers feeling thru my thin tshirt
quickly, furtively, stroking a nipple
gauging the yield of flesh
goosebumps rise, checks reddening
warm hands cupping my ass
hot breath on my neck
how you tug my (graying) ponytail
and watch me squirm
what's it to you?
who go