jezabel "seduce, let loose the vision and the void..."
i stepped away, exchanging the intimacy
of a stranger's flesh pressing rhythmically to mine
for the divine drive of meat and
music so slick and sultry it made my lips water
"the blood sickle, cuts..."
and i drew myself into tight beginning poises,
knowing the torrents that would follow,
grinning at them as they approached with
hot breath and narrowed yellow eyes,
welcomed them to use me,
to move my flesh and frame
in tight swirls, serpentine and precise
"the honey, sucks..."
and i gave myself over to it,
drowned myself in darkness and beat
and lascivious unmelody, paired with it
and became a different creature,
apart from this world of cruelty and
mud and stink, became
mind fed to soul fed to
restless, hungry flesh,
and only one thing burned through
the song's seduction...
"oh rose, thout art sick."
the single soul that even this
ancient, ecstatic ritual
could not draw.
jezabel thout = thou
song is "love's secret domain" by coil
oldephebe ..and then he said "you pull out every plank in the/my house of Reason, I can't contend against such .." and then he...

yea anyway - seething quil full of flame're awesome


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