Utah Last night I interacted in an intensely sexual, and equally pleasurable way with a girl I had never met beofre. She was beautiful.
I went to her, and hugged upon meeting - she's a flop-hugger, as, I believe, am I. (A flop-hugger sways, like dancing - a straight-hugger stands at attention, hugging rigidly - when we kissed we walked - it was like dancing.) I sat down, rolled a joint and we went outside - wayyyy below freezing - to smoke. I offered my coat when she shivered, but she declined. She is from around here, after all.
We went inside, and, after a brief but relatively stressful phonecall from the outside world, embraced. Our teeth clicked and our tongues tangled and we parted, briefly, to move to a more comfortable setting - a couch.
We progressed, as these things normally do - first to touching, and then heavy breathing, and then kissing, everywhere.... and then we were naked, and she was gripping my shoulder, and we stopped.
"What's your middle name?" she asked me.
I told her. And she told me. And we continued. And then, later, we stopped again. She was laughing.
"The funny thing is," she said, "Is that I'm never going to see you again."
We danced and danced.
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