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pete if i told you never to publish my writings, and i did, would you keep your word? 040806
epitome of incomprehensibility Today, when I woke up, I was a bit disappointed to see that I hadn't turned into a giant bug, since I had a french oral report on the subject of Franz Kafka. Okay, I exaggerate. Poor Gregor Samsa died a miserable death. And let it be made clear that it is not Kafka that I dislike, but public speaking in a second language.
My story has a happy ending though--I got 10/10. In a FRENCH assignment!

This has nothing to do with Kafka, persay.

But more e_o_i POV: I have a nice picture of him from said assignment. So beautifully dark-eyed and intense. Who said that pics of hot now-dead celebrities are always of the Jimi Hendrix variety? Must put him in a scrapbook, along with a few Bizarro cartoons.

And of his actual writing: "The Metamorphosis" is refreshingly surreal and serves as a social-commentary type thing as well. "The Penal Colony" is really quite gruesome and I would not recommend it to calligraphers. "The Country Doctor" is crazy, but intruiging. I read it several times, searching vainly for meaning.

Well, then. I'm awfully wordy today.
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