hsg staring at my sunshine thru eyes_wide_shut 070215
stephshine well good thing, because we want you to save your eyesight after all. 070218
sab and the rays
of the dawning sun
blaze into my temple

you looked radiant last night, he said

i am happy, i replied

and i am more solidly Me
than ever before

tis not a new sab
tis a better sab
tis a sab, evolving
misstree when we left, it wasn't if, it was where. a story that long in the telling had to be followed, especially by creatures like us. a giddy, expectant peace draped over us in the cab, and the explosions once we arrived should have been accompanied by holy trumpets.

i was rewoven in the sharing, dark corners lit in places i had lost for lack of worship, and his laughter gave strength to my own.
pete And, more so, this world you've made yourself only lives as long as you believe it. The structures are not real, you believe them and they are, and that belief is not always benevolent. If you choose not to believe then you will be coerced into it. Belief is what you make it, beaten or bronzed. 070219
hsg1437 eyes like cans of spraypaint, projecting unto the canvas of reality.

think i got some on my shoe.
what's it to you?
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