mmm blather got too busy for me... to crowded..
i liked it alot better when i was the new guy. when the recent page would have 10 maybe 20 WORDS on it, and not all these 3 and 4 word long phrases). i dunno.. i guess its just not what it used to be... so i guess i'll leave as i leave most places.. one finger in the air, walking away.
Mateo Its really a shame. Im one of the new guys, you could say (and probably would) that I helped you take that decision. Sorry, I know the feeling of having been at the star of something and seeing it get corrupted as it goes along. 020216
Teenage Jesus Although the grammar was a bit rough, CONGRATULATIONS! You didn't misspell a single word in that blathe. Hurray! 020216
ShnizelCheese I was going to say, that spelling was excellent i couldn't have done so well myself, i could be considered a new guy but sometimes a 4 or 5 word comment can say much more than a 10 or 20 word message if it's said at the right time and in response to the right Blathe 030326
superchick like a fat girl in dodgeball.... 060224
unhinged *shrugs* 090418
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