User24 But you can't have it till you've hit the center.

Na Na Na-Na Na!
DannyH That's funny. I have one just like that at home. 020405
User24 So, Mr H, why did you choose a 6x6 grid? Why not a larger maze size? And was there any method in your naming of rooms?

*hands the mike over to you*
dis On the wall of the office, a simple line drawing of my new town.

I printed it the day I decided. That was quite a while before I said it aloud, mind you.

I did lots of things before saying it aloud.
DannyH Thirty-six strings wass all this lazy boy had time or energy to weave. It felt like just about enough. the numbers are random..or about as random as someone aiming to be random can be.

If you liked the maze you'll love its logical conclusion

Coming soon...
User24 I do love it's logical conclusion

It's a lovely logical last lump

( dh0001 )
u24 my map is wrong. I've missed a link between 856 and 215. It took me 2 years to notice that. 040701
u24 freetimers have deleted my map :-(

not sure if i've got the original anymore. sigh.. ah well. all good things must be deleted one day..
nom i have a blindfold 060615
nom i have a pen 061112
. A cryptic note flutters by with the seemingly nonsensical scrawlings BMZ386 NESEDUEEEESEN 080815
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