Abstract I nice way to bitch 990919
amy "Hush now baby, baby don't you cry" 000104
deb finally i realize
what has been screaming within me
i see what i've been trying
to ignore
and now that i know
now that i can look it in the face
and not look away
i can smile at my reflection
and breathe.. breathe.. breathe deeply
into sleep
marjorie down three notches
and your ears twitch expectantly
bristling skin and backs muscles
waiting to be left alone
until the hush
the quiet comes
and coma reigns
in everyone
deb hush, now, my baby,
be still, love, don't cry
sleep as you're rocked by
the stream
sleep and remember
my last lullabye
and i'll be with you when you dream

gently, flow gently,
river, for me
what precious cargo you bear
there is a harbor where
he can be free
river, deliver him there...
nah....! hushhhhhh 011203
ClairE hush yourself! 011204
paranoid martyr singing "Hush", from Opiate [EP], Tool.

I can't say what I want to,
even if I'm not serious.
Things like...
"Fuck yourself,
kill yourself,
you piece of shit."

People tell me what to say, what to think, and what to play.

I say...
"Go fuck yourself,
you piece of shit.
Why don't you go kill yourself?"

Just kidding.
/\/\/\o- shhh. you're noisy. 040808
h|s|g just_kidding 110908
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