endless desire your place is where there's peace.

find search long desire.
dwelling winding creeping crying.
faith words reality blame.
carry mourn joyful.
then down
do you see the pattern?
i understand. i need. i cling.
and then it slips through my fingers.
the dust. it is the dust!
the dust you only see when light sinks through. . .
it teases me. this teases me.
oh ))scrub((
endless rambles.pleaseignore.
gladly, said the man.
and then she nodded in agreement.

hold on, my soul
(((she sang with passion)))
((she even sang the notes))
your place is where there's peace.
oh. and i will find it.
and i will rid myself of all but love.
surrounded in a cape.
a warmth long deserved.
enveloped in peace.
just hold on. the tunnel ends just a bit further up ahead. soon the brilliant sunshine shall be pouring through. i will drink it like rain and dine upon the sky where one can never capture the blue. come and feast with me. the time has come to dwell on lovely things.
frAnk inspiring. 030720
oldephebe whole Gregorian quorums of "HUMMMM" 030720
oE this would be great as an unplugged spoken word mp3...couched in the aural backdrop of some generic folk guitar riffs

again..nice work ed
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