hsgatincamail i can hack anything. 040408
hsgatincamail ofsuch for you 040408
ofsuch is not a guru... yet.
teach me.
hsgatincamail its easy
just believe you can hack anything
unhinged 420
chillin in the park
watching the dudes hack and throw frisbees
cooking up some brownies
'our culinary powers combined to make...'

gotta love 'em
my hippie boys on the eastside
hsg1437 sitting at his feet, i'll never forget him. he kicked me around just to get me off the ground when i refused to move. he stalled mynd jus2 teach me how to fly. i was down but he kept me from rolling into a sewer. asked him, "how do you deal with dissappointment?" he responds, "what CAN you do?"... stressing the "can" as if i could alwaystill do SOMETHING. anything at all is enough so long as you don't give up. it was a kick in the balls and i was blue for quite some time upon our separation. somehow though, by no mistake, i've learned to hack it. i've learned to fly. not afraid to fall because i've learned to pick up my will forever...so i'm not afraid to try to hIT from every angleven if i've to start all over. kick it some and learn to kick it FROM a KNEW point of YOU.

at my feat, my memory stands before me for i was once this very sack of beads. as i laugh at myselforgive me please.

you better Fly And Learn Lafter.
Don't make me kick you!

"poor is the student who fails to surpass his master." -leonardo da vinci

i've been passed by the Hackey Sack, that's YOU!!!
what's it to you?
who go