special K where are my friends when i need them?
because they aren't here.
so toast to me, another beer.
drinking away my sorrows.
except this is the kicker. i can never drink them away.
they are the gremlins.
they haunt me night and day.
scratching at my door. taunting me.
howling and screeching until the following day.
and as i carry out my daily chores, they fade into the shadows. but i know that they'll be back.
i know that they'll return.
they are the evil phantoms. and in my mind they play.

and one of these dark nights
as i lay alone in bed
i'll hear them coming closer
and taunting near my head
and it will be too much
i'll feel it go insane
and i'll scream and howl and cry
until i drown out all the pain
and how the pain will fade
i really do not know
but if someday it doesn't cease
from this life i'll surely go
Duplex Yes YeS YES I feel it now ! never more to be lost to myself 040215
shivers creepy crawlies
they'll hit you behind the knees with a bat
what's it to you?
who go