Liquid Goblin sweet and biter, rotten feet.
It is the pain that tastes like meat.
and in the night I fear defeat,
for the lands I call my seat.

Carry down the molten ore
and toss it round for every more
Feel the burning, scorching sun
then scream out loud until your done
I'll cook your skin from off your face
Then slip away without a trace!

thank you, thank you

Copyright Anthony Fennell
silent bob i really dont want gore to be president. Or bush for that matter... 000612
alegra when he said "gore=rad", for some reason i smiled. i could see his gashed shin and him poking at it tenatively, a red trickle oozing down.

its such a good thing i wasnt there....i would've rushed in with all my nurse-nancy instincts in overdrive, spraying bactine and slapping gauze on anything that moves.

but to see your blood and to admire the inner workings of your shin? nothing can compare, is all.

so I'll throw away my curious george bandaids and take my chances. cause if gore=rad, then i'm in!
s i c k o is it so wrong that I enjoy Gore? As In blood and the horrible screaming of murder? 030904
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