silentbob Something I try to remember is that it doesn't actually matter how I feel about anything. Or some things. Like if someone ends up with someone else. Or if I didn't like a movie. My feelings actually matter very little. What impact does how I feel have on the world? Should I spent time expelling energy sharing my opinions on things and providing ill-thought out advice that may not actually work?
My feelings are hurt about a thing. Doesn't matter. Doesn't change anything. Won't matter a few hours later, when I get over it and start fixating on something else.
silentbob "Does this benefit me" / "How do I benefit"

Doesn't fucking matter
Risen Fuck your feelings.
Fuck your showing up in my dreams.
(Fuck, you're showing up in my dreams.)
Fuck your promises.
Fuck your lies.

Fuck you for never caring
And fuck you if you did.
hfse i like all of this so much so far 140830
unhinged .

(i used to care so much about others, always putting them first no matter what, the old me wouldve stayed friends. at this point, the new me wishes i wouldve stayed friends. the uncertainty of not knowing is more painful than knowing you would rather be in_love with someone else)
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