Mahayana for {past} mistakes 020526
Syrope show me how. 020622
Dafremen Forgiven and forgotten.
(Simple Syrope...they're gone like the last breath you exhaled. If you must recall them, use their memory for improving your future, not torturing your present.)
Syrope motivational_speeches 020623
cube I find having a bad memory helps :-)
Dafremen See? It isn't just me...the double cube concurs. Now turn that frown upside down and start forgetting. If you need a jumpstart, try tequila. 020624
Syrope forgiving and forgetting are not the same thing. they don't have to both happen.

i don't even want to forget. i find most people's methods of forgetting weak and pretty pathetic. like yours.

i want to acknowledge everything i've done and then forgive myself.
x never 030716
Piso Mojado how when i repeat mistakes and patterns over and over

each day here at evergreen i take steps forward, i am extraverted, i push and learn. and yet as i grow, so does my_shadow. as if im punishing myself for trying to change. these binge-purge days of self growth. getting no where fast.
andru235 you are the prophet of your own ascendance and this is the best place to start, if you promise to learn from your mistakes (most of the time, anyway) 050419
dreamer only works if you want it to 050420
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