unhinged all that water and no place to go

i should pay more attention
to nature's omens
when north avenue opened up
and swallowed an escalade
i should have paid more attention


and now the mississippi
is swollen to historic levels
tears stream down my face

my heart is swollen
it can't absorb them all
i should have paid more attention
unhinged (the magnitude of these things will only increase as we continue to destroy the planet unchecked) 160201
flowerock. emotionally_flooded

Partially the state of my hormonal cycle and partially just several small to medium sized stresses built up and avalanching. It's harder too when it's not just internal or about me, but about the person I care most for and coming from them too.

I don't communicate well in this state but silence is not often effective either and can be interpreted as apathy, so I try to speak well, but I don't succeed completely and that's not fun for anyone... I feel like a selfish asshole and an emotional child and he sees the same I'm sure... I'm sure too that he can see through to my real self and real meaning, but it's still not fun and I still don't have any solution but time_energy_love.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious. I'm trying, I'll try more.

It'll be alright, loventually.
what's it to you?
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