k1 Right this moment I am flashing back.
The music drones, he takes my hand, we sink into a deep, round chair.
My fingers stray between the buttons of his obsidian shirt,
His eyes close as his head tilts slowly backward,
My face leans toward him,
His lips part to kiss me,
And deep inside I hear him humming softly.
yummychuckle whenever i take pills.
God I hate pills.
I taste the bitter asprin at the back of my throat and its such a sickly taste and it makes me dizzy and
ugh. basically I hate pills.
oE is obsidian black?..like black opal stone or something?...the bitter taste of asprin at the back of my throat..yeah i get that...i taste it even when i take caplets.. 040113
Death of a Mind way too many to count or recount. 040114
kid andre The period of time following a wavy effect. 050425
unhinged tapped on the shoulder
drunken conversation
after the show
and adebisi said to me
'i was hoping you'd be here' (sic)
it reminded me of an email
i got years ago
asking if i was gonna be at the show

sometimes knowing people look for you
are hoping for you
is the best feeling

squishyfish squishyfish 101111
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