paste! given our society,
sobriety is hard to implement.

...and surveys the distances in all depths: the
oldest of the moose comes forward
and breakdances because it feels so good.

and the bulldozer man picks up a red bottle
since all that's left are catalysts.

plop! goes the donkey on the beanbag.
the beanbag, contrary to current headlines, takes its life seriously, doesn't want to go to bed, really just wants to lay on the grass.

the donkey is the pinata of zippy shredders, famed by 18 hidden secrets that'll never leave the brain of a trashed microwave oven.

there we have it, many champions pass away leaving smudged wooshies.

soon, it will resolution eve, and when the dew shatters into rivulets on crunched cellophane, the nutsack will also fall unto the chin and nestle, finding a new home.
cube where the hell did i put that paste! translating device? ah, here it is:

step 1) place tab of LSD on tongue.
step 2) wait 1 hour
step 3) decode message
step 4) if unsuccessful - repeat step 1)
paste! it was 5 years ago, yes '96, when this awfully random house dweller (forgot his name, he crashed on our couch for a week or so) finally came up and told me that i had an "acid mentality", despite never using it. "that's fuckin impossible, dude. you've never done LSD??" or something like that. i think he shit his garb. 011215
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