unhinged aaahhhh
like cold water on a hot day
bargain priced $6.99
a beautiful hardcover
i buy books like other girls buy shoes
collecting for my every mood and whim
so that i can find others' words
that match me that day

i have a strange identification
with fellow pole artists
like i can feel it in my cells
like we are part of the same organism
we are all a little crazy
searching for beauty in it all
his warsaw poems from 1939 - 1945
like a drink of cold water on a hot day

'I was getting rid of my faith so as not to be better than men and women who are certain only of their unknowing.
And on the roads of my terrestrial homeland turning around with the music of the spheres
I thought that all I could do would be done better one day.'

from 'with trumpets and zithers'
unhinged 'my poetry has always been a means of checking in on myself...a real 'wasteland' is much more terrible than any imaginary one. whoever has not dwelt in the midst of horror and dread cannot know how strongly a witness and participant protests against himself, against his own neglect and egoism. destruction and suffering are the school of social thought.' czeslaw_milosz 180905
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