ivyducktwilightseto There's over one hundred
There are
I keep adding more
And I cannot stop

An addiction
I hate it and I love it
Reminds me of masturbation

I'll cut and I'll scratch
Maybe carve a word or two
Until my body is a roadmap
Of pain

The cuts never stop bleeding
They cause pain everyday
But I don't regret a one
ivyducktwilightseto I think I'll go do it again right now 040405
Lemon_Soda MMMmmmmm.....


Many crimson lines of freshly released emotional agony, nolonger left inside to fester and rot now banished far, far away.
pobodys nerfect Since I started my new job on Thursday, there are cuts_on_my_skin (well,the skin covering my thumbs and index fingers). Actually,I guess it's more like holes_in_my_fingers, because of all the times i accidently jab my fingers with pins. =/ 040405
notme =\ 040406
sab cuts_on_my_skin from yesteryear
scars_on_my_skin from then on

gitane sang
"i dont believe i have to carry my mistakes for eternity"
regardless of that,
you get to carry the scars

still waiting for them
to fade

the memories have dissovled
but still the scars remain

and how is that fair?
what's it to you?
who go