unhinged madelynn



first there was just madelynn, then along came brynn, and then tarynn and they are just the most adorable surrogate nieces a girl could ever want. brynn sure knows how to melt your heart. "i'm not susie, i'm brynn."
oh girls....
frAnk and when have you seen them last? 030124
unhinged i saw them a few days before christmas. the older they get the more devilish they get. i think it may be a long hard road for their parents. madelynn had her tonsils out right after christmas and i guess she is a changed woman so maybe with her devilish influence over the younger two slowly disappearing, they will settle down a little bit. brynn is still as sweet as ever but slightly hyperactive and tarynn is getting more and more grown up everyday. tarynn and my brother get along the best being the two youngest. :) 030124
unhinged tarynn is 15 now

my mom was showing me pictures of them on facebook the other day...i feel old.
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