CJ one who does not know her own mind, but can read others thoughts well enough to know that they don't know her mind either, so looking there is pointless.

The one who knows that there is no such thing as a nice person, not really, everyone has dark thoughts, everyone for that solitary moment in time doesn't even care about their family, their kids, the starving, the dead, the mad. Everyone does it, no-one admits it. Who actually does care, when it comes down to it?

We consciously make the decision to care, to be nice people, to make everyone believe we are nice. That's the key - if everyone thinks your nice, you must matter what your deepest darkest fanatasies, no matter how we'd rather live our lives.

That is what keeps this world from falling apart. The human nature of needing to be liked, by at least one person, including ourselves. I don't know anyone that can honestly say they always like themselves.

That is the Yin, the Yang, the equilibrium, the basis of laws and morals. The reason we bring our children up the same.

I am the one who admits to knowing this.
Carly-Jo One who loves and is loved.

One who will live for the day and reflect when she retires.

One who is rather than seems.

One who is real.
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