birdmad the thin ice 010421
unique butterfly my self-esteem 020415
yummychuckle tips of my hair. 020415
pushpins brittle: the tips of the
curious fingers resting in my
and the way
your voice resonates
in its fragile frigity
from your inside
where i feel i should
yummypins brittle juxtaposition of my personas
biting at eachother through
grendel fracturing like a candy heart in an arbor press 020416
mahayana [[[peanut]]] 020417
Casey The composition of my heart is such that touching it in the wrong way will shatter it. The pieces will fall to the ground and each shard that hits will make the sound of an atomic bomb, and be just as destructive. Then I will just stand and watch in horror as the pieces slowly break up even more and fade into dust. And my heart will not be able to be repaired, because there is no one around to pick up the pieces. 020504
god peanut 020620
Freak If you only could realize how brittle I am. For some reason now more than ever. 020621
Death of a Rose time 031023
skinny Their heart strings are black brittle lines

that they try so hard to keep intact

Move about the halls

Anticipation in their eyes

move about the halls

fat and bubbly

full ofdrugs

and lipids

crumble like a blackened lung.
what's it to you?
who go