misstree never submit your will to the majority... excellence above all else... logic is king... charity hurts more than helps...

what she fails to mention, though, in her deification of self_reliance and ability, is that humans need eachother the way that a horse needs a fish... a kindness without repayment is not lost, but filtered through the human ecosystem to benefit all.
Kate I read "Anthem" over the summer and thought it was a well-written and well thought out book, even though I don't agree with the whole moral relativism "I" deal. I hope she was happy, because in her pictures she looks very stern. 020421
silentbob when my sister kelly graduated from highschool in 1993 my aunt sheila got her Atlas Shrugged.
when my sister Katie graduated from highschool in 1999 sheila got her The Fountainhead.
When I graduated from highschool in 2001...i got nothing from sheila. She got me a card a little while ago that said she was still thinking of what she should get me. she had finally decided. but it would take her a while to send it...
unhinged we the living is a good book. i finished it in a few days. 020421
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