girlnamedlover fuck off
like youre the only person that has ever cried or been broken by love
spare me your pity party

drunk off your own misfortunes
wallowing in your blissful melancholy
can you taste my blood?

you knew that this would kill me
but you carried on and on with your selfish shit

everyone cared about you
why couldnt you?
instead your greed compelled you to steal other silver linings

burnt down my world, you killed my hope
spread out the ash and walked away
how could you just close off your eyes, turn tail and run?
you are the greatest coward

damn right I am still pissed
next time I see you we will see who has the upper hand
kiss my fist
taste the floor
tired of your games
fuck off goodbye

"deanne the arsonist"
p2 isn't this the guy
from the neverending story?

yeah i watched it
so what?
silentbob fight the swamps of sadness, artex! 021118
Doar hmmm... 031029
nom atreyu!!!!! 031029
what's it to you?
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