newguy Nou and Dan are dope. 000407
josie a series of completely irrelevant numbers. no meaning to me whatsoever so why don't i go on as such?

there are people in my lounge room i dislike. not due to any fault of my own, purely out of dramatic purposes. I'm in here because i'm lonely but i want the company. i choose to isolate myself but for what? the joy of venting my gripes to s plastic board and an electric box with the ability to talk my mind?
i don't know what i'm doing here.. and the problem is i never do. Maybe i'll never really be content, do we spend the rest of our lives trying to find what will really make us happy? yes, because most of the time what we really want is right in front of us but we're too afraid to touch it for fear of fucking it off completely.
having your bubble burst by your own self.
josie *whoosh* 020510
SlaSheR that somehow sounds very familiar. of late, the only thing keepin me sane is my livejournal. i can write a novels worth just typing my mind. anywhos peace out 040425
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