sphinxradio i would like to not see you sometimes
it's getting better, though
so long as i can keep pretending
that the past is really over in my mind

i don't know if he cares anymore, really
maybe you don't know, either
sometimes i think i see you wincing
and i wish you didn't have to
sotto voce is soo good, but it makes my tongue itchy. 020312
emmi i knew a man who taught me about love
his touch was smooth
his eyes were brown
his name was patrice
he was french and a gemini
he was gorgeous
he was the nicest man i have ever met

and probably still is all of the above

(i called him kiwi.)
because of his hair. and...just. kiwi.

i miss him, almost unbearably
we were beautiful
emmi . 040218
rage its funny that most people associate this word with a fruit 050904
epitome of incomprehensibility I associate it with an underground rock band mixed with charcoal on birch tree bark in a sauna. Is that better??? 050905
rage thats fantastic! i was just struck by how apparently unknown new zealand is. i guess we all assume we are the centre of the universe 050906
yoguru a great yogurt addition 060605
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