amy hi
i gotta go.
from this end, it was amy chasing amy. growth. it got confused with some other stuff-loneliness issues. i learned a LOT. thank you.

home is where i wanna be...

from, love A/T
p.s. that was beautiful camille.
Silent Bob The last image i had of her for a week was of her waving goodbye to me as her parents drove her off and i just sat against the building gulping whatever air i could, trying to stay out of site of ther other kids. occasionally people would walk by and just kinda look at me.
a piece of me was taken with her that night. and i hoped to get it back.
strychnine queen i saw you there. you were on your way. 040116
BonTon To express more then a word.
The tilt of the head the shake of the hand. The tears streaming down faces.
The hearts seperating from each other while the rest look on wondering what it was all about.
nom the person waving hello is never waving at you 051112
thes it's cool that one thing can simultaneously mean, "Hello", "Goodbye", and "Help, I'm drowning" 081230
what's it to you?
who go