Splinken *hands out invitations to her pity party*

went to the optometrist today.

he said: "you have a demon in your cornea"

my astigmatism has doubled. my contact lenses will cost 400 dollars. i do not have 400 dollars.

so i burst into tears in the optometrist's office.

today was the first day i have ever wished i was someone else.
Brad Don't feel bad. When I went to the optometrist not only has my astigmatism worsened a little bit, but the doctor got this grave look on his face and informed me that i have something abnormal in my eye and he wants me to keep checking back regularly to make sure i don't do something crazy like go blind. My mom says he always overreacts... but it was still a bit unnerving! 000818
klairchen Oh my godness!

You poor childe(s).
The Schleiffen Man eye doctors, schmye doctors... i don't wanna hear a thing until you've had a colonoscopy, and that's the bottom line cause stone cold says so! 000818
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