nah....! my love for him. 011127
ClairE I sorta wish I were "him". I've been hearing a lot about "him". And "her". And "anyone".


unconditional SHOULD mean without restraint, but sometimes can mean quite the opposite.
Effingham Fish surrender

I am incapable.
whoknows when i love, it always is 011203
jayseehc that's sad... seeing everyone talk about "him" or "her" but not having a "him" or "her" who loves you like that...

I think I'm somebody's "him" and I know that she's my "her" and I don't know what I'd do without that...

you have my sympathy
. . 040513
kx21 * iLink- Sincere_sorry_and_apology * 040513
love & hate unconditional love does not exist in this fucked up world. 040513
Q Unconditional love does not expect anything in return.

And that's hard.
re_alisma Mars Type B Passive Aggression: Unconditional Love

it is what it has always wanted from without and within. and wanted it true. so its wishes were granted, it gave and it got back with exuberance.

later it happened to ask any partitioner for the reasons for doubting its sincerity. partitioners, growing up, gladly gave reasons, for this is basically childish.

and now, for every words' loss, buries its world in ashes. it keeps itself open, proving something, and won't say goodbye.
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