For sure! what i forgot to take out tonight! tomorrow the TRASH man comes! so i was supposed to take it out to the driveway so he could empty it in his truck....didn't happen though. 000712
clutch i would like to love you
i sure would treat you right
we could take the trash out
every thursday night...we could be the pillars of the neighborhood
Shugarhi It pisses me off to look outside and see litter lying all over the place and the cats, the poor "dumpster kitties" that no one wants are all out there, rolling in this glorious gift that some stranger has given them and eating, oh, what a feast for the little guys. 010517
mandy is what i see around me. the people. 021126
Keys Trash

Embarassment, if they ever saw in.
Wild dogs are my greatest fear, I think,
Tearing holes and teeth pulling out my sin
pulling like the guts of wild prey, warm stink,

Ferral hunters pull out my life
the sidewalk for everyone to see thru.
tim It sickens me to look at the world, look at the way we have made it. 050402
OL ŚMIECI 050409
what's it to you?
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