sab i am always amazed
at the power of those around me
to change my world

a careless word
a thoughtless action
and suddenly my world comes crashing down

the power of a stranger
to change my world
a queit and threatening 'hello'
and suddenly my entire world
is menacing and sharp


that fucking chinese butterfly
has a lot to answer for
the sea is angry
and it keeps eating people
four more drowned today
in victoria

[noboy suspects the butterfly, he said]
but i know
i am onto it
and i fear for my life
because of it.
m21k Butterfly_Effect 050102
http 050102
OOps... Saddam_Hussein"s WMD, in the eye of Bush 050102
. what_is_the_'butterfly_effect'_of_'zero_WMD' 050102
Karma ... 050125
.nom i loved the story
that village lady told
last april fools
all the villagers laughed
sirflaccid It will always be there. And everytime you look at it you will have to remember me.

It is good to know that you'll never be forgotten.
kx21 Karma 123... 050126
Freak A butterfly that flaps its wings
Affecting almost everything
The more I hear the orchestra
The more I have something to bring
And now I see you in a beautiful
And different light
He's just a man and any damage done
Will be all right
Call out my name
Call and I came

Dusting off your savior
Forgiving any behavior
He's just a man - All in a hand
what's it to you?
who go