User24 from the Greek,
'tele', meaning distance, and
'pathos', meaning pity, sorrow or more accurately for this definition, empathy.

a telepathic; one who feels emotion for and with another, over a distance.

traditional meaning; persons who can send and receive thoughts and feelings without physical contact, or through supernatural means
whitechocolatewalrus sometimes i wish i were telepathic.
(the traditional meaning)
mon everyone is able 031229
nonlucid I think it'd be kind of neat if everyone were telepathic - not necessarily able to read the every thought of those around but more a general idea of what was thought, and the ability to send a half-formed idea or emotion instead of employing sometimes-crude and insufficient language to define something ineffable

(perhaps something like the Vulcans in Star Trek, adding to the difficulty of violence when one must share the pain of the victim) and we'd know what death tastes like, truly, making "I feel your pain" real - in the manner of the mind-meld the judicial system would be unnecessary, games of truth and lies impossible

But as that isn't how it is, is it right to say that it would be better that way? Sometimes she thinks that things as they are are "perfect" in a yin-yang kinda way, and if they were different they would also be good and perfect, the equilibrium would establish itself differently (Vulcans have their faults also)
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