hsg sharpie(R) scribble

crippling these down, word,

twisteducated, charactouring the walls

lesson this earned called cementality

improper leverage touching on timeless truths

reaching for life: the only way worth

why all cannot look within is beyond out for the fear of making an effort

drawn borders in hiding_shades_of_grey

fussy_logic emotional_cushions can't ache to see the soul you shun so around_and_around you go.

logic's no excuse for not having a cute vision

shaken_not_stirred but past the foam i can see true through underlying current s ur face s o clear to me. reflecting back on how deep we go, did you think it could last only one lifeti'me?an surelying to yourself or a temporary approach ages nothing.


some say the white_light is broke and some men joy in the brilliance of a rainbow.

color your base is considering different_points_of_hue

man, but how do you decide what's worth remembering other than improving your memory?

finding a way to make all the peace is fit there are no leftovers to waste.

cuddlefish, it there a point where pixels and light_frequencies increase there effective character_base by infinitesimal divisions? what is the nature of higher_quality math? and is it cute enough to survive?
what's it to you?
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