miniver Control? Or just the appearance of control? No one else would really know, anyway, right? At least, not if you are capable of keeping secrets...

Or is it important that people find out? Or is it entirely sane if they don't?
BigGobTank what's that? 000915
Q Not subtle. But wise advice and, if my hunch be correct, wisely explicit. Delusion is not receptive to subtle suggestion.

Now that clarifies everything, right?

I need a long bike ride.
amy don't move my shaker-table!
subtlety is the thing MOST SUBJECT to delusion, though, isn't it? that's what makes it so crazy-like cuz it's so unverifiable!
miniver Self-delusion, that's what I meant to be considered.

I prefer subtlety because, it would seem, I consider acknowledgement-seeking to be a weakness. A pitiable characteristic. Or, at least, a not very proud one.

But, does subtlety become meaningless -- or, at least, pointless -- if no one ever recognizes it for what it is? Or, say, should a person pick one person who would also be aware...sorta like a baseline? Or, perhaps, could subtlety be used to filter out people who are less aware, so that acknowledgement would be inevitable but ultimately more worthy and refined? Hey! I hadn't thought of that!

Isn't that what subtlety is, already?

So, maybe, in reality, no one is ever quite subtle enough to entirely delude themselves. Or maybe some people are, and that's what ultimately drives them to insanity! And the rest of us are just dumb enough to find our corresponding subtle_mates, and unavoidably be acknowledged.
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no reason noticing things that make you smile or laugh to yourself
sharing beauty with yourself
gja Subtle as a sledge hammer, as incisive as an ice pick. 071130
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